Nano-Silver Technology


Created in 2020 by the Vietnam Governments Science & Technology division, in response to the pandemic.


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Washable Eco-Friendly Face Mask

Oceanview ‘VP195' Epidemic face mask
Utilising state of the art Nano Silver Technology the VP195 Mask is; Waterproof - UV resistant - Comfortable - Easily Breathable.
Multi-use, 30 x washable.
A proven 3-layer anti-epiodemic mask, hand made with the finest 100% eco-friendly sustainable cotton.

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Eco-Friendly & Sustainable




With single use disposable masks being dumped into our ecosystem in their millions, catastrophic ecological ramifications are inevitable unless we start looking for sustainable alternatives. The VP195 washable mask is the answer.

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VP195 HIstory

In January 2020 in response to COVID-19, the Vietnam’s Government science & technology engineers created a bespoke Anti-epidemic mask utilising Nano Silver technology. Specifically to combat the pandemic. In March 2020 The Minister of Public Security held a press conference, announcing and praising a ‘state of the art’ 3-layer mask, developed exclusively for all Vietnamese protection departments and Government officials. 

It is widely acknowledged that Vietnam is the global leader in the fight against COVID-19, with not one fatality despite a population of over 95 million (50% larger than the UK population who have suffered over 35,000 fatalities to date).  A notable variable between these countries? The fact that 90% of Vietnamese wear face masks daily. They may have found a solution. 


*All statistics as of 18.05.2020 (Source: Bloomberg & Financial Times)

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