Protect yourself, others and the environment

We were ready to mask the nation on Monday the 15th of June after everyone started getting back to work and been advised by the Government to wear a mask when social distancing was not possible. Everyone using public transport from Monday was required to mask up, and failing to do so would result in a £100 fine.

We can understand everyone's concerns and mixed emotions about wearing a mask, but the most often discussed concern was, " Can I breath" " will I be comfortable." Righty so that this should be a concern, with some masks being hard to breathe and uncomfortable plus let's add the use of makeup and face creams to the mix, and now we have a potential sweaty mess.

This is not the case with the VP195. These masks and made with 100% cotton, soft, and gentle on your skin, and let's just say breathing is as natural as....... breathing. Our customers have commented that they feel like its an additional item of clothing and not an uncomfortable synthetic cover that literally takes your breath away.

With the above in mind and focusing on the new world, we find ourselves in. We must not forget the fight we had started before COVID 19. This fight was against plastic and keeping our world litter-free. We became the change we wanted to see, we invested our time into recycling and using our own bags when shopping, we also took a stand against the plastic straw. Now we need to rise up and take a stand against disposable masks that will find their way into our ecosystem.

Choose your mask wisely; we want to breathe, be comfortable, and safe, so does Mother Nature!