VP195 The Official Vietnam Anti-Epidemic Police Mask

  • Utilising state of the art Nano Silver technology the VP195 Mask is; Anti-viral - Anti-bacterial - Anti-microbial - Waterproof - UV resistant - Comfortable - Easily Breathable.
  • Multi-use, 30 x washable.
  • A proven 3-layer anti-epidemic mask, hand made with the finest 100% eco-friendly sustainable cotton.


 VP195 History

  • In January 2020 in response to COVID-19, the Vietnam’s Government science & technology engineers created a bespoke Anti-epidemic mask utilising Nano Silver technology. Specifically to combat the pandemic. In March 2020 The Minister of Public Security held a press conference, announcing and praising a ‘state of the art’ 3-layer mask, developed exclusively for all Vietnamese protection departments and Government officials. 
  • It is widely acknowledged that Vietnam is the global leader in the fight against COVID-19, with only 35 fatalities despite a population of over 95 million (50% larger than the UK population who have suffered over 67,000 fatalities to date). A notable variable between these countries? The fact that 90% of Vietnam wears face masks daily, and have done for decades. They may have found a solution. 


*All statistics as of 18.05.2020 (Source: Bloomberg & Financial Times)